Sponge Stand

Use a Binder Clip

This little trick keeps your sponge handy and yet out of the way. I never know where to find that little sponge when I need it, because there really isn't a good place for the sponge to sit, it takes up to much room when you lay it down, so it is constantly being moved here and there. Once you adopt the binder clip method of sponge management, it will always be right there where you need it. Just fold the little arms on the binder clip back and it is ready to use, when you are finished just stand it right up there at the sink and then the next time you need it. BAM! there it is.

Hard Water

A little bag of Sunshine

Is hard water build up causing your shower to look bad and also to work poorly; try this. If it is on the shower head like mine was; get your self a one gallon zip lock bag or something similar, add 2 cups of warm vinegar and 1/3 cup baking soda. Use a rubber band to hold the bag in place and let the solution soak overnight. In the morning when you shower, take your husbands toothbrush and finish off any scale that is lingering and get his toothbrush back before he misses it. There you go; a little comeupings for both the shower head and your hubby. That'll teach'em.

Microwave oven

Easy Clean

Here is a super simple way to clean that baked on crusted over mess from the last time you heated up a hot pocket. Use a little lemon juice and a little vinegar mixed in a sturdy microwavable cup filled with water. Microwaves heat at varied times so just turn yours on high and heat the water solution until a nice layer of condensation has permeated the inside of you microwave. Be careful removing the hot container and then simply wipe out the residue.

pet hair

Especially feline hair

Get a box of latex or nitrile gloves at your local Walgrens or Rite Aide or any neighborhood pharmacy. While wearing the glove, run your hand across the hair covered upholstery and watch what happens. The hair just rolls up like the glove was a hair magnet.


Tub Surround Caulk Cleaner

Fill a spray bottle with your favorite clear Vodka and spray on the caulking around the tub or shower. Let it set for an hour or so and rinse with warm water. The alcohol will kill any mold or mildew and leave a nice clean surface after rinsed. Be sure to use just clear vodka though the flavored varieties may leave a stain so avoid using them. A spray for the tub a spray for you, a spray for the tub a spray for you; this will be the best time you have ever had cleaning your tub surround.